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What is ‘chronic disease’?

A chronic disease is an illness that will last a long time and doesn’t go away. Unfortunately, they often lead to your health gradually getting worse.

Prevention is better than cure!

Our GPs encourage you to book for regular health check-ups to detect the early signs of chronic disease and to discuss the important lifestyle factors you can do to prevent future illness. We regularly check for signs of diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and kidney disease.

In our practices we routinely perform ECGs, spirometry, blood pressure and INR testing to help diagnose and manage chronic conditions.

Care plans

Our GPs and Registered Nurses are very experienced with helping patients understand and better manage their chronic illnesses. We encourage our patients to have care plans that help us and you navigate the journey of your illness and help prevent further worsening of your conditions.

If we are sending you a reminder message, it is because we want the best health outcome for you.